Lightning - lightning data delivered in UALF


Delivers recent public lightning data in LLPS/CGLSS (UALF) file format. For more information on this, see "Data format" below.

Each url will give you a lightning data file for a five minute interval, and the specified datetime defines the end time of this interval. If no datetime parameter is given, it will return the most recent file.

If there are no lightning events recorded during a given interval it will return an empty file. Files are written every 5 mins on the dot, eg. 12:05:00Z, 12:10:00Z etc.

This service will not deliver lightning data older than 48 hours. Historical lightning data may be available on some time in the future.


Available is implemented. For efficiency, empty files are omitted from the list.



If no parameters are given we return the latest five minute interval.


Retrieve the data for the specified date time.

Example requests:

Change log

1.0, 2016-02-22

- New product for testing

Data format

The LLPS/CGLSS (UALF) data file format consists of one line per event. Each line starts with time and location coordinates,