Radarlightning - Radar images from various locations


Returns image or animation for a specified radarsite. The image/animation can originate from one specific radar or a composite of two or more radars. Either latest available image or image at a requested time. Only one animation pr. radarsite (most recent) is available. Note that a specific radarsite may sometimes become unavailable. This is usually due to technical problems at the radarsite, caused by lightning/difficult weather conditions.


A list of available data may be retrieved using the 'available' resource. The radarsite parameter can be specified to reduce the size of the list.


radarsite (mandatory)

Area covered by the image/animation (composite) or name of the radar location( single radar ). All combinations are not available.

Values: finnmark, troms_finnmark, nordland_troms, central_norway, western_norway, southwest_norway, southeast_norway, norway, berlevaag, hasvik, hurum, stad, andoya, bomlo, hagebostad, rissa, rost

type (mandatory)

Type of radar information.

Values: lightning

Note: Other types have been removed, but more may be added later.

content (optional)

Type of data to be returned: Animation of the 8 most recent images (time parameter not supported for this type), or one specific image.

Values: image (default),animation.

time (optional)

The time the radarimage was captured. If omitted, the latest available image will be returned. This parameter can not be specified if value of parameter 'type' is set to 'animation'.

Value format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ.

Example requests:


2017-05-12: New radars added

The following new radars have been added: andoya, bomlo, hagebostad, rissa, rost.

2013-11-12: only lightning is served

Images containing phase++ is moved to
Version 1.0 is available until 2014-02-11

2013-06-08: new product

Offers special radar products not commonly available