Routeforecast - Maps and vertical cross sections for offshore flight routes


This returns various plots for offshore flights, mainly to oil installations. The plot with waves is generated from the MyWave4-WAM ocean model, all other plots are generated from from the MEPS and Arome Arctic forecast models.

Plots are updated every 6th hour, approximately at 04 UTC, 10 UTC, 16 UTC and 22 UTC, and are available hourly up to +18 hours.

Except for the wave plot all map plots consist of both the MEPS and the Arome Arctic model. The MEPS model cover most of the map, while the Arome Arctic model cover the northern parts.




Type of forecast (can also be used as method). Valid options are:

clouds, freezinglevel, icingindexmax, precip1h, seasurfacetemperature, temperature2m, vcross, visibility, wave, wind


Time of forecast in ISO format, e.g. 2019-01-15T12:00:00Z. A forecast is generated for every hour for up to 22 hours in the future.

If not specified, the forecast for the current hour is used. This parameter can be used on all methods.

route (vcross only)

The ICAO codes for the start and destination of the route. Valid options are:


level (wind only)

Flight level or altitude of the forecast. Surface = 10m. Valid options are:

10m, FL005, FL025, FL050, FL065, FL100


A list of available data may be retrieved using the 'available' method.


To check if any files that should be available are missing, please use (only available for internal users).

Sample request URLs



Maps with clouds and fog.

The light brown palette shows mean level clouds with altitude between 6500 ft and 13000 ft.

The yellow palette shows low level clouds, with altitude from surface up to 6500 ft.

The red palette shows fog.

For all palettes: darkest color indicates the highest cloud/fog density.

Freezing level

Maps with freezing level (0-isotherm).

The palette show freezing level (0-isotherm), from surface (white) to above 10000 ft (red).

Helicopter Triggered Lightning index

Maps with risk for helicopters to trigger lightning offshore (index set to zero inland). Yellow indicate low risk, orange indicate moderate risk and red indicate high risk. In addition, cyan (dark blue) coloured areas indicate (high) risk for natural triggered lightning.

Helicopter Significant Wave Height

Maps with significant wave height. Different colours indicate different wave heights.

Helicopter Lightning Observations

Maps with radar reflectivity from radars (higher values indicate higher precipitation intensities) and recent observations of lightning (squares).

Lightning last 15 minutes in red, last 30 minutes in orange, last 60 minutes in yellow and last 3hr in white.

Icing index (maximum)

Maps with atmospheric icing.

The palette show icing intensity: dark blue = traces of ice, cyan = feeble icing conditions, yellow = moderate icing conditions, red = severe icing conditions.

Precipitation (hourly)

Maps with precipitation.

The palette show precipitation intensity, from light precipitation (light blue, 0.1-0.2 mm) to heavy precipitation (dark purple, > 30mm). Yellow solid lines show precipitation as snow. If all of the precipitation is enclosed by yellow lines, all of the precipitation is snow. The red palette show undercooled precipitation.

Sea surface temperature

Maps with temperature at sea level.

Blue and purple colors indicate temperature below zero, yellow and red colors indicate temperature above zero.

Temperature (at 2m height)

Maps with air temperature at 2 meters height.

Blue and purple colors indicate temperature below zero, yellow and red colors indicate temperature above zero.

Vertical cross section

Vertical cross section plots for offshore flight routes, given by ICAO ids. The plot ENHF-ENBJ is generated from the Arome Arctic model, all other plots are generated from the MEPS model.

The plots are 2-dimensional, with flight path on the X-axis and altitude along the Y-axis (from SFC to 10,000ft).

Wind arrows indicate the direction and strength of the wind in knots. The wind direction is indicated as follows: North (360°) by arrows pointing down, south (180°) by arrows pointing up, west (270°) by arrows pointing to the right and east (90°) by arrows pointing to the left.

Isolines for temperature: blue for temperature below zero, red above zero, while the 0 isoterm is displayed as a black solid line.

The blue palette show the density of clouds for degrees 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1, where 1 means completely cloudy. Darkest color indicates the highest density of clouds.

The multicolor palette shows icing intensity: dark blue = traces of ice, cyan = feeble icing conditions, yellow = moderate icing conditions, red = severe icing conditions.


Maps with wind and mean sea level pressure.

Blue, solid isolines for mean sea level pressure (only available for surface (10m)). Wind arrows indicate the the direction and strength of the wind in knots.

The palette show the wind strength: from weak winds (light green, 0.2-1.5 kt) to strong winds (blue, > 32.7 kt).


Maps with visibility.

The palette show visibility in meters, from poor visibility (dark red, 0-100 m) to good visibility (blue/white, > 10000 m). White areas in the map indicate more than 10 km visibility.


All changes are available as an RSS feed at the following URL:

1.0 out of beta: 2019-05-14

No further changes planned, product considered stable and can be used in production.

New products, back to beta: 2019-04-04

Type Wave has been replaced with a similar but more precise product helicoptersignificantwaveheight (existing requests will be redirected). In addition two other new products have been added, helicopterlightningobservations and helicoptertriggeredlightningindex.

Due to constantly changing requirements we have added back the beta status for routeforecasts. Further changes may be expected, we do not recommend using this service in production environments unless in cooperation with MET Norway. We suggest subscribing to the Changelog RSS feed to be informed about further developments.

Version 1.0: 2019-03-01

New version released, with new products seasurfacetemperature and temperature2m. No longer in beta status.

Version 0.1: 2019-01-28

Initial prototype for testing. We will bump the version number to 1.0 when officially launched.