This product is deprecated and will soon be unavailable. Please check documentation for further info.


Temperatureverification - Verification of temperature forecast.


This product is used for measuring the quality of the temperature model forecasts by comparing with actual observations for a few selected stations. It returns an XML document containing quality statistics for the last three day period, optionally limited by station.

Note: This product is not meant for downloading historical temperature observations. For this you should instead use our climate data portal at


A list of available data may be retrieved using the 'available' action:


The schema for the xml delivered by this product is available from .




Specify stationid to get temperature verification for that station only. If stationid is not specified, you will get data for all available stations.

Only a subset of our connected weather stations is supported; for a list, see the 'available' XML.

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Change log

1.1 deprecated 2018-10-02

This product is deprecated and will be discontinued on 2018-11-01

1.1 2011-06-22

Initial version