Textlocation - All available textual forecasts for a given point.


This module returns textforecasts and warnings for a geographical point or area. This includes text from other sources than


The schema for the xml delivered by this product is available from .



nb: Norwegian bokmål, en: English

Note that textforecasts in english are available for only some areas and some types ( e.g textforecasts for the coastal areas ).

Value: nb,en


Value: latitude in decimal degree format.


Value: longitude in decimal degree format.

type (optional)

With this parameter specified, you will get textforecasts of the specified type only. If omitted, you will get textforecasts of all types ( e.g flood, obsforecast, land_vaday0 ) for the specified coordinate. Currently only type flood can be specfied.

Value: flood.

issuer (optional)

Undocumented - FIXME

Example requests:

Change log

removal of gale and obsforecast, 2017-12-14

From February 2018 all gale and obs forecasts will only be delivered via metalerts. This means those elements will no longer be present in the textlocation XML, instead they must be fetched as CAP from the metalerts product on the API.

version 1.0, 2010-01-15

First version, this work just like textforecast did