Turbulence - Turbulence prognosis


Returns a turbulence forecast as a png image. Two types are available, maps and cross sections.


A list of available data may be retrieved using the 'available' action, using the url .

Optionally, you can specify the "view" and/or "location" parameters to filter the listing:


location (mandatory)

The airport where you want the forecast.

Values: sandnessjoen, moirana, mosjoen, bronnoysund, sandane, oersta, bringeland, vaernes, fagernes, hammerfest, honningsvaag, narvik, evenes, hasvik, tromso, mehamn, bardufoss, leknes, svolvaer, svalbard, gimsoya.

time (mandatory)

The time for which you want a forecast. Forecasts are made avaible in 12 hour batches around 5 and 17 UTC.

Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:00Z.

view (mandatory)

Specify which view to be returned.

Values: map, cross_section.

Example requests:

Change log

version 1.1 : 2013-10-09

- Include forecats from the near past in the result from the 'available' action.
- Added the 'view' parameter to the 'available' action.
- Version 1.0 will be available until 2014-07-01.

version 1.0 : 2013-09-19

- Initial version.