Upperwindweather - Upperlevel wind and weather charts


Chart for upper wind and weather (aviation weather) issued by and UK MetOffice.


A list of available data may be retrieved using the 'available' action. The name, utc and level parameters can be specified to reduce the size of the list.


You can check the status of the latest file upload on . This will list all available files with timestamp, as well as the time of the last update and any errors during transfer.

Note that sigkart and sig_wx are not included in the status list, as they are produced locally.


To check if any files that should be available are missing, please use .


Only charts issued by are public available on The only parameter available on is sigkart


name (mandatory)


Only sigkart is freely available.


Hour when valid, normally 00|06|12|18 (not all available for every product)



Levels are not available for pp.


Date when valid

Note: The valid date is not an exact science, but in some parts guesswork based on file dates and log scanning. It should work in the majority of cases, but may fail when transfers have been delayed.

Sample requests

Change log

New /status function, 2019-03-11

The new /status endpoint will now list all received files, as well as any errors in transmission.

Discontinued products, 2017-12-11

The following products are no longer being produced, but may be added again in the future:

pwad, pwae, pwcd, pwce, pwrd, pwre, pwbd, pwbe, pwdd, pwde

The API now also ignores files older than 2 days, to avoid serving obsolete data.

version 1.1, 2016-12-05

Fixed bug where files could not be served on subsequent requests

version 1.1, 2016-05-10

Now using time when valid in date/utc params, not time when produced

version 1.0, 2012-09-20

Initial version

New product available!