New beta version of sigcharts

A short update, mainly of interest to Nordic users:

Sigcharts 2.0 beta

We have a new version of Sigcharts which, in addition to the previous Arctic/Norway also covers the Nordic/Baltic regian (minus Iceland). Also, the search interface has been made consistent with the rest of the API:

While currently in beta we suggest you start using this after the summer is over. We're not sure how long the current version 1.0 will live, this depends on how soon our regular users will take to implement the new version.

Forestfire index

As mentioned some weeks ago, the Forestfireindex product has been terminated and replaced with a new, map-based service:

For those wishing to download the raw data used for the maps, these can now be found on our THREDDS server:

TOS addition

With the ongoing migration of users from the Yr API to, we've had to update our Terms of Service with a notice on trademark restrictions:

You are not allowed to make services/sites that appear to be made by Yr, NRK or The Norwegian Meteorological Institute. In other words, you may not use the word "yr" as a part of your service name, or attach the yr logo to your service.

This was previously only stated on the conditions of use on, but as the old Yr site ( is closing down soon we've had to transfer the clause to the TOS (incredibly, some users are still referring to this as the "Yr API", even though they were two different APIs and Yr is a completely different site run by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).

2021-07-14, Geir Aalberg