Welcome to the MET Norway Weather API v.3

Norsk versjon.

api.met.no/weatherapi is an interface to a selection of data produced by MET Norway. The data are available for use under a Creative Commons license. See also separate conditions for use of the service. Several people have developed third-party client libraries for various programming languages.

All regular users of the API are strongly recommended to subscribe to our API-users mailing list as this is the only channel on which we will communicate planned changes outside the API itself (see the archives for past notifications).

For operational status and maintenance notifications, see status.met.no (please bookmark in case there is a problem with the site).

For information on available data and how to access them, please refer to the weatherapi documentation. For a list of changes since version 2, see the Release Notes for v.3.

Data owned by other institutions than MET Norway is not available for unrestricted public use. This is specified in the documentation of each product. Examples of such products are the Nordic radar images and some satellite images. Refer to the documentation of each product.

Available products:


Airqualityforecast 0.1
Forecast of air-quality for locations in Norway
Forestfireindex 1.1
Reporting danger level of forest fires.
MetAlerts 1.1
Weather alerts from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute
UVforecast 1.0
A prognosis of UV radiation

Astronomy 🌣

Sunrise 2.0
Calculate sun/moon rise/set for a given place


Aviationforecast 1.6
Textual aviation weather forecasts
NLAroutes 1.0
Vertical cross sections for flight routes
Routeforecast 1.0
Maps and vertical cross sections for offshore flight routes
Sigmets 1.0
Get sigmets and airmets for Norway
Spotwind 1.1
Spotwinds in XML
Tafmetar 1.0
Receive Taf/Metar from airports
Turbulence 1.1
Turbulence prognosis
Upperwindweather 1.1
Upperlevel wind and weather charts
VerticalProfile 1.1
Vertical profiles of wind and weather
Volcanicashforecast 0.1
Norwegian national volcanic ash products including forecast


Lightning 1.0
lightning data delivered in UALF
Radar 1.5
Radar images from various locations
Lightning radar images from various locations


Gribfiles 1.1
Serve grib files on the coast from Oslo and Western Norway
Icemap 1.0
Maps as images showing current ice conditions in the arctic regions.
Oceanforecast 0.9
Ocean forecast for a specified place
Textforecast 2.0
Textual weather forecast for Norwegian land and sea areas
Tidalwater 1.1
Tidal water information


Metgc 1.0
Deliver meteorological forecast data in METGC format for defined areas
Metgm 1.0
Deliver meteorological forecast data in METGM format for defined areas


Weathericon 1.1
deliver weather icons.

Satellite 🛰

Geosatellite 1.4
Images from geostationary satellites
Polarsatellite 1.1
Images from satellites in polar orbit


ExtremesWWC 1.2
The Wettest, Warmest and Coldest places
Locationforecast 1.9
Weather forecast for a specified place
LocationforecastLTS 1.3
Weather forecast for a specified place, long term support.
Nowcast 0.9
Nowcast for a specified place.
Probabilityforecast 1.1
Probability forecast for a specified place
Radar 1.5
Radar images from various locations
Subjectiveforecast 1.0
Forecasts and analyses charts from the meteorologist
Textforecast 2.0
Textual weather forecast for Norwegian land and sea areas


More changes to Radar and Radarlightning 2019-07-02

Due to increased workload by the new 5 min radar interval, we have had to reduce the number of different images available. In short, generating GIF animations from existing static GIF images continues as before. However, due to the 50% increase in images and 33% shorter production window, generating animations from PNG is no longer possible and has been terminated. We apologize for the lack of advance notice, but we had not foreseen this would be a problem.

Since we know this will cause existing functionality to break, we've come up with a temporary solution where we substitute the missing animations with similar products. In most cases the pixel dimensions will be different, but this can be scaled in the browser. Also note that content=image and content=animation now will return totally different images, so be wary of using size=small for static thumbnails for the animations.

reflectivity_hires and rainrate_with_phase

All animations of type reflectivity_hires and rainrate_with_phase will be substituted with type reflectivity. Where radarsite indicates an area these will be identical, but single radars will be substituted to the closest area as per the following table:

Old New
andoya nordland_troms
berlevaag finnmark
bomlo western_norway
hafjell east_norway
hagebostad southwest_norway
hasvik finnmark
hurum southeast_norway
rissa trlagnordland
rost nordland
somna trlagnordland
stad western_norway


All requests for lightning animations (including the Radarlightning product) now return the "norway" image. All other animations have been terminated.

We have some images currently used internally which could be substituted for each individual area, but they are currently not available on the API. We will be working on a possible replacement later this summer.

"medium" and "large" size static images

The little used "medium" and "large" sizes have been terminated. All requests for these sizes now return the "normal" image. If you scale this in the browser it should not be noticable to the end users. This does not affect radarlightning which already uses only "normal" size.

Also, the small GIF animations haven't been produced for a long time and will be removed from the API. This means only the following variations will be available in the future:

Content Size
animation normal (default)
image normal (default), small

Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully the faster radar scan rate should compensate for the reduced size options.

Future changes

In closing, we will like to inform you that later this year we'll be releasing a new beta version of the Radar service, with a coherent set of areas and types which should be much more understandable than the current mess. Also, GIF animations will be replaced by Javascript, which should be much more user-friendly as you can then pause or jump forwards and backwards in time to see details.

We strongly suggest you consider dropping GIF animation as soon as possible, since now that most partners are using Javascript or WMS we plan to phase out GIF completely by the end of 2019.

Changes to Radar, Nowcast and other products 2019-06-07


From Wednesday June 12th, the radar images will be produced every 5 mins.

New features

  • new product "aviationforecast", see below
  • new beta product "volcanicashforecast"
  • sunrise now returns moon position and phase for each day
  • routeforecast have several new routes
  • upperwindweather now has a status function showing image update and transmission errors (if any)


Spotwind 1.0 has been replaced by 1.1 which delivers data for 24 hours instead of 6. Version 1.0 will expire 2019-09-02.

ExtremesWWC is expected to be removed some time in the near future, to be replaced with a similar feature in our Frost API for observations. We will come back with further news when this is available.

Textforecast 1.6 has been deprecated, and the land and sea forecasts have been re-implemented in 2.0 with a new, cleaner XML format which can now be validated. The aviation forecasts have been moved to a new product "aviationforecast" but remains otherwise unchanged. Since the migration is now complete we will terminate version 1.6 on 2019-09-02.

News archive

Change log

Tafmetar: Better date handling features: 2019-08-13

Since the previous version could only deliver data for UTC calender dates, we have added an offset parameter to enable you to get data for midnight to midnight local time. E.g. date=2019-08-13&offset=+02:00 will new get you data from 2019-08-12T22:00:00 to 2019-08-13T22:00:00 UTC.

Also, you can now drop the date parameter completely, in which case you will get data for the last 24 hours (which is usually exactly what you want).

Radarlightning: 2019-07-12: Radar animations discontinued, product deprecated

As we have stopped production of most GIF animations, all requests for content=animation will now get the "norway" image instead.

Also, since the content delivered by radarlightning now is a subset of radar/1.5, we have decided to deprecate this product on Dec 1st, 2019. Please update your links to use radar/1.5 instead.

Radar: 2019-07-01: New radar Hafjell, hack for missing animations

Hafjell has been added for types lightning, reflectivity_hires and rainrate_with_phase.

Unfortunately, due to increased server load and shorter production cycles we have not been able to re-enable production of the animations for reflectivity_hires, rainrate_with_phase and most lightning radars. As a workaround, we will be substituting reflectivity_hires and rainrate_with_phase animations with the closest matching reflectivity animation. Similarly, all lightning radarsites will now return the "norway" animation. None of these will appear in the available lists, and are used solely to avoid breaking existing code.

Static images will be delivered as normal, which will not match the animation in content and dimensions. This means you should not use the "small" images as thumbnails for the animations until further notice.

We are working on replacements for the missing lightning animations, as well as a new, improved Radar product version which should be more user-friendly.

Routeforecast: New vcross route: 2019-06-28

ENJS-ENZV has been added

Radar: 2019-06-19: update of v1.5

Radars now produce images every 5 minutes (instead of every 7.5).

Animations are currently only available for reflectivity, xband and lightning (as per the documentation). The undocumented reflectivity_hires animation is now discontinued.

The little-used sizes "large" and "medium" have been discontinued, any requests for these will return "normal" instead. Also, animations are now only available in "normal", use a static image for thumbnails instead of "small".

For a list of allowed options, see /radaroptions (experimental).

Routeforecast: New vcross route: 2019-05-14

The route Korpfjell-ENKR has been added to the vertical cross section products. (No ICAO code has yet to be assignated to Korpfjell, hence the non-standard route name).

Other data sources at MET Norway

See free meteorological data on met.no for a complete list of data services.


For questions regarding rights to and use of data, see our Licensing and Data Policy. For handling of personal data, see MET Norway's Privacy Policy Statement. For technical questions, contact technical personnel.