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Welcome to the MET Norway Weather API v.3

Norsk versjon. is an interface to a selection of data produced by MET Norway. The data are available for use under a Creative Commons license. See also separate conditions for use of the service. Several people have developed third-party client libraries for various programming languages.

All regular users of the API are strongly recommended to subscribe to our API-users mailing list as this is the only channel on which we will communicate planned changes outside the API itself (see the archives for past notifications).

For operational status and maintenance notifications, see (please bookmark in case there is a problem with the site).

For information on available data and how to access them, please refer to the weatherapi documentation. For a list of changes since version 2, see the Release Notes for v.3.

Data owned by other institutions than MET Norway is not available for unrestricted public use. This is specified in the documentation of each product. Examples of such products are the Nordic radar images and some satellite images. Refer to the documentation of each product.

Available products:


Airqualityforecast 0.1
Forecast of air-quality for locations in Norway
Reporting danger level of forest fires.
MetAlerts 1.1
Weather alerts from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Astronomy 🌣

Sunrise 2.0
Calculate sun/moon rise/set for a given place


Aviationforecast 1.6
Textual aviation weather forecasts
NLAroutes 1.0
Vertical cross sections for air ambulance flight routes
Routeforecast 1.0
Maps and vertical cross sections for offshore flight routes
Sigcharts 1.0
Significant Weather Charts for aviation
Sigmets 2.0
Get sigmets and airmets for Norway
Spotwind 1.1
Spotwind forecasts for airport landing systems
Tafmetar 1.0
Receive Taf/Metar from airports
Turbulence 1.1
Turbulence prognosis
VerticalProfile 1.1
Vertical weather profiles for aviation
Volcanicashforecast 0.1
Norwegian national volcanic ash products including forecast


Frost 0.9
REST API for meteorogical observation data
Radar 2.0
Radar images from various locations
Dataset archive including model runs and observation timeseries


Gribfiles 1.1
Serve grib files on the coast from Oslo and Western Norway
Icemap 1.0
Maps as images showing current ice conditions in the arctic regions.
Oceanforecast 2.0
Ocean forecasts for points at sea in Northwestern Europe
Oslofjord 0.1
Current maps for Oslofjorden and Drammensfjorden
Soundprofile 1.0
Vertical profiles in the ocean off the Norwegian coast
Dataset archive including model runs and observation timeseries
Textforecast 2.0
Textual weather forecast for Norwegian land and sea areas
Tidalwater 1.1
Tidal water information


Metgc 1.0
Deliver meteorological forecast data in METGM/C format for defined areas
Metgm 1.0
Deliver meteorological forecast data in METGM/C format for defined areas

Observations 🌡

Frost 0.9
REST API for meteorogical observation data
Dataset archive including model runs and observation timeseries


Weathericon 2.0
collection of weather icons.

Satellite 🛰

Geosatellite 1.4
Images from geostationary satellites
Polarsatellite 1.1
Images from satellites in polar orbit
Dataset archive including model runs and observation timeseries


Frost 0.9
REST API for meteorogical observation data
Locationforecast 2.0
Weather forecast for a specified place
Nowcast 2.0
Immediate weather forecast for specified locations in the Nordic area
Oceanforecast 2.0
Ocean forecasts for points at sea in Northwestern Europe
Probability forecast for a specified place
Radar 2.0
Radar images from various locations
Subjectiveforecast 1.0
Forecasts and analyses charts from the meteorologist
Dataset archive including model runs and observation timeseries
Textforecast 2.0
Textual weather forecast for Norwegian land and sea areas


Forestfireindex EOL July 1st 2021-06-01

Some product changes, mainly of interest to Norwegian users:


This product will be terminated on July 1st, as it has been replaced by MetAlerts on the new Yr website. We are working on a new map-based service, which is currently in beta and available on

The old site will link to this after July 1st. We are also working on making the raw data files avaiable on as NetCDF files, more info on this later.


On June 1st we will start using a new tool for making SIG-WX charts. The images will look somewhat different and have other dimensions, but will be available on the same URL as before. We are planning to add a Nordic map later, in which case we might be bumping the version number. More info on this later.

Lightning warnings

On June 15th, we will add a "lightning" type to MetAlerts. This will only be of yellow severity, and signify events with a large amount of lightning strikes.


On June 1st, the route Korpfjell-ENKR will be removed, and the Stangnestind-ENKR route added.

Probabilityforecast and old Oceanforecast EOL July 1st 2021-05-10

As mentioned earlier, Oceanforecast 2.0 is now in production and version 0.9 has been deprecated, to be removed on 2021-07-01. Despite what we said earlier there will be no change in the XML format for 0.9, as we have extended the EOL of the backend model to the same date. (The experimental XML version in 2.0 is also going away, although later in the summer).

The Probabilityforecast product has also been deprecated and will be removed on 2021-07-01. As a replacement we have added the following new variables to complete.json in Locationforecast/2.0:


We have also improved the handling of requests outside coverage for Nowcast and Oceanforecast (2.0). Any requests outside the model area (as defined by the shapefile which can be downloaded from the /coverage endpoint) will get a 422 error response. Any requests within the model area but which we have no data for (either due to lack of radar range or ocean forecasts for dry land) will get a GeoJSON response with an appropriate error or warning message.

Note that we have implemented a "snap" functionality in Oceanforecast so land points near the coast will return the nearest point at sea (this means the coordinates in the URL and JSON may be different). The new model areas can be seen on the maps here:

Finally, as you may know we have not supported unencrypted HTTP for several years, and all requests to port 80 have been redirected to the corresponding HTTPS URL. Yet, after several years we still get a lot of traffic from old systems which has not been updated to use HTTPS, which in some cases could be considered a privacy liability. As a consequence we have decided to drop this feature; now all requests to po 80 will be redirected to the front page of the API.

News archive

Change log

Locationforecast: Probabilities added: 2021-05-10

As a replacement for the deprecated Probabilityforecast product (to be removed on 2021-07-01), we have added some new variables to the `complete.json` forecast:


Oceanforecast: Version 2.0 in production, 2021-05-10

Added coverage, improved error handling. Version 0.9 will expire on 2021-07-01.

Locationforecast: Version 0.9 EOL: 2021-03-01

After having been deprecated for 9 months, version 0.9 will finally be removed on March 1st, 2021.

Oceanforecast: Version 2.0 in beta, 2021-02-19

New, totally rewritten version using standard JSON format. Older MOX XML is no longer supported. Now snaps automatically to nearest coastal point for coordinates on land.

Geosatellite: Added video files for Europe, 2021-02-18

Europe area animations in MP4 and WebM formats have been added. URL format has been made more flexible, using area and format as endpoint

Locationforecast: XML updated with new symbol codes: 2020-12-14

Since Weathericon/1.1 is deprecated, we have added an attribute code to the symbol element, corresponding to the filename in Weathericon/2.0.

Other data sources at MET Norway

See free meteorological data on for a complete list of data services.


For questions regarding rights to and use of data, see our Licensing and Data Policy. For handling of personal data, see MET Norway's Privacy Policy Statement. For technical questions, see our contact page.