Welcome to the MET Norway Weather API v.3

Norsk versjon.

api.met.no/weatherapi is an interface to a selection of data produced by MET Norway. The data are available for use under a Creative Commons license. See also separate conditions for use of the service.

All regular users of the API are strongly recommended to subscribe to our API-users mailing list as this is the only channel on which we will communicate planned changes outside the API itself.

For operational status and maintenance notifications, see status.met.no (please bookmark in case there is a problem with the site).

Available products:

Now also available as XML!

Product Version Also Description Available Schema Swagger Healthcheck
Errornotifications 1.0 Error notifications from the WeatherAPI system
Extremeforecast 1.0 Textual extreme forecast.
ExtremesWWC 1.2 The Wettest, Warmest and Coldest places
Forestfireindex 1.1 Reporting danger level of forest fires.
Geosatellite 1.4 Images from geostationary satellites
Gribfiles 1.1 Serve grib files on the coast from Oslo and Western Norway
Icemap 1.0 Maps as images showing current ice conditions in the arctic regions.
Lightning 1.0 lightning data delivered in UALF
Locationforecast 1.9 Weather forecast for a specified place
LocationforecastLTS 1.3 Weather forecast for a specified place, long term support.
MetAlerts 1.1 Meteorological alerts (new format that will be phased in)
Metgm 1.0 Deliver meteorological forecast data in METGM format for defined areas
Mountaineasterobservations 1.0 manual observations from DNT mountain cabins during easter.
NLAroutes 1.0 Vertical cross sections for flight routes
Nowcast 0.9 Nowcast for a specified place.
Oceanforecast 0.9 Ocean forecast for a specified place
Polarsatellite 1.1 Images from satellites in polar orbit
Probabilityforecast 1.1 Probability forecast for a specified place
Radar 1.5 Radar images from various locations
Radarlightning 1.1 Radar images from various locations
Sigmets 1.0 Get sigmets and airmets for Norway
Spotwind 1.0 Spotwinds in XML
Subjectiveforecast 1.0 Forecasts and analyses charts from the meteorologist
Sunrise 1.1 When does the sun rise and set for a given place?
Tafmetar 1.0 Receive Taf/Metar from airports
Temperatureverification 1.0 Verification of temperature forecast.
Textforecast 1.6 Textual weather forecast for all parts of the country
Textlocation 1.0 All available textual forecasts for a given point.
Tidalwater 1.1 Tidal water information
Turbulence 1.1 Turbulence prognosis
UVforecast 1.0 A prognosis of UV radiation
Upperwindweather 1.1 Upperlevel wind and weather charts
VerticalProfile 1.1 Vertical profiles of wind and weather
Weathericon 1.1 deliver weather icons.

For information on available data and how to access them, please refer to the weatherapi documentation. For a list of changes since version 2, see the Release Notes for v.3.

Data owned by other institutions than MET Norway is not available for unrestricted public use. This is specified in the documentation of each product. Examples of such products are the Nordic radar images and some satellite images. Refer to the documentation of each product.


Migration of api.met.no

As previously mentioned on the mailing list, we will shortly be migrating the api.met.no domain to version 3. This has already been done for some users and should be relatively painless, provided you follow the documentation and terms of use. In particular we ask you to notice the following:

  • Use HTTPS only! Unencrypted requests are no longer supported
  • Honor redirects (301 and 303), which is used e.g. from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Semicolon as parameter separator is now deprecated, use ampersand instead
  • Make sure you have a unique, identifiable User-Agent string

Otherwise the main difference is a lot of new features and bugs that have been fixed. For more information on the changes to the interface, please see the release notes for version 3.

The migration is scheduled to take place some time during the first half of January 2018.

2017-12-12, Geir Aalberg

Change log

Sigmets: 2018-02-22
  • No longer generates error when no SIGMETS have been issued
Textlocation: removal of gale and obsforecast, 2017-12-14

From February 2018 all gale and obs forecasts will only be delivered via metalerts. This means those elements will no longer be present in the textlocation XML, instead they must be fetched as CAP from the metalerts product on the API.

Textforecast: gale and obs soon to be discontinued, 2017-12-13

The gale and obs warnings are now available in CAP format from the metalerts section of the API, and will shortly be discontinued in textforecast. The following values will then no longer be allowed in the forecast parameter and will result in a 400 Bad Request:

  • gale
  • gale_id
  • obs
  • obs_va
  • obs_vn
  • obs_vv
Upperwindweather: Discontinued products, 2017-12-11

The following products are no longer being produced, but may be added again in the future:

pwad, pwae, pwcd, pwce, pwrd, pwre, pwbd, pwbe, pwdd, pwde

The API now also ignores files older than 2 days, to avoid serving obsolete data.

Nowcast: 2017-09-11

Added coverage method

Sigmets: 2017-08-03
  • Unnecessary parameters made optional, added option to show all warnings

Other data sources at MET Norway

There is also a list of free meteorological data available for download at the main MET site.


For questions regarding rights to and use of data, see our Licensing and Data Policy. For technical questions, contact technical personnel.