Aviationforecast - Textual aviation weather forecasts


This module returns text forecasts for aerodromes and IGA flight routes.

Aerodrome warnings are issued irregularly only when conditions require it.


A list of available data may be retrieved using the 'available' action, using the url .



Valid forecasts are:


Forecast lists can be filtered on specified type, currently aerodrome, iga and route.

This feature is only present in available.

language (optional)



Avaiation forecasts are only available in English, so this parameter is not required.

Sample request URLs (may or may not be present)

Change log

aviation text forecasts moved to separate product, 2019-04-24

Since textforecast version 1.6 is deprecated and will be removed soon, we have moved the aerodrome and IGA forecasts to a separate product. This will enable them to keep stable while the other text forecasts are in the process of being updated to 2.0 standard.

aw_enry replaced by aw_ento, 2019-02-01

Rygge airport is currently closed, so no ENRY forecasts have been issued this year. Instead we are now producing aerodrome forecasts for Torp (ENTO). iga_fbno43 has also not been in production for a long time and has been removed.