Gribfiles - Serve grib files on the coast from Oslo and Western Norway


This module make some of our grib files available for access and download. The content is made to support yachts and yachting. Note that these files are meant for downloading and used with external software. All areas have all kind of contents. The data are delivered with content type application/octet-stream

If you need other parameters or areas, please look at (netcdf only, no grib).

Wave direction

This follows oceanographic convention instead of meteorological convention, meaning that the value indicates where the waves are moving, not where they are coming from.



  • area

    Valid areas are: oslofjord, skagerrak, sorlandet, west_norway, n-northsea, troms-finnmark, nordland

  • content

    Valid datatypes are: weather, current and waves


Available is implemented.


To check if any files that should be available are missing, please use (only available for internal use).

Sample request URLs

Change log

Update of 1.1 2016-12-15

- added areas nordland and troms-finnmark

Update of 1.1 2016-12-05

- added area n-northsea

1.1 2016-09-01

  • version 1.0 will be end of lifed at 2016-11-15
  • Due to changes in which models are available, all files are changed. Please refer to the documentation for details of available data.
  • We do not longer support bzip2 as compression. All files is less than 5MB.

1.0 2011-12-08

  • oslofjorden is discontinued due to changes in available model data.
  • skagerrak will only have current data available.

1.0 2008-01-04

- First version

See also

More wave data available on as NetCDF files.