Oceanforecast - Ocean forecasts for points at sea in Northwestern Europe


Delivers wave and sea forecast in standard MET Forecast GeoJSON format.

The forecast is based on multiple wave and sea models. For more information on models and parameters, see the Oceanforecast data model documentation.

Requests outside the model area will get a 422 response. For requests inside the model but on land away from the coast, you will get a GeoJSON document with an error message. For requests near the coast, the system will "snap" to the nearest ocean point so that the coordinates in the GeoJSON might be different from the URL.

Wave direction

Version 0.9 followed oceanographic convention instead of meteorological convention, meaning that the value indicates where the waves are moving, not where they are coming from.

In the 2.0 JSON version, this is now changed to the more common meteorological convention for waves, while currents still use oceanographic convention. This is indicated in the variable names, sea_surface_wave_from_direction and sea_water_to_direction.

The MOX format directions has not changed as this format will be removed soon.

Model data

The raw model data used to construct the forecast can be found on THREDDS as NetCDF files or using the OPeNDAP protocol:





Latitude in decimal degrees, mandatory


Longtitude in decimal degrees, mandatory

Example urls:


This is a temporary version of the MOX format replacement FORTI backend for Oceanforecast/0.9, which made as a temporary fix for Yr since the model for 0.9 is going out of production. It will be removed after the summer of 2021.

While the MOX format will be the same as in 0.9 there might be some differences in the data values due to different models and interpolations, so we recommend you start porting to 2.0 JSON as soon as possible.


A shapefile of the area covered can be downloaded as a ZIP archive at https://api.met.no/weatherapi/oceanforecast/2.0/converage .


Operational status for this product can be checked at https://api.met.no/weatherapi/oceanforecast/2.0/status .


Due to poor adherence to the identification requirements in the Terms of Service, we have implemented more stringent checks on sending a unique identifier in the User-Agent header. Any requests with a prohibited or missing User-Agent will receive a 403 Forbidden error.

Examples of banned User-Agents include:

  • okhttp
  • Dalvik
  • fhttp
  • Java


Version 2.0 in production, 2021-05-10

Added coverage, improved error handling. Version 0.9 will expire on 2021-07-01.

Version 2.0 in beta, 2021-02-19

New, totally rewritten version using standard JSON format. Older MOX XML is no longer supported. Now snaps automatically to nearest coastal point for coordinates on land.

Update of 0.9, 2016-11-21

After upgrading model in backend, Oceanforecast will no longer return any data for locations on land

0.9, 2009-02-24

Initial version