Intermittent disruptions of service

On Monday afternoon (Dec 4th) we had a severe outbreak of planned maintenance, which resulted in disruption of most MET services between 15:00 and 18:00 UTC. To cut a long story short, someone tried to turn off some old DNS servers which were thought not to be in use, which resulted in DHCP overload and most VMs becoming unresponsive. From what we can see, was unavailable for about 1 hour and 39 minutes, although delivery varied from product to product.

The admins have identified the problem, and made some adjustments so that similar incidents should not happen again. Next week they will restart all services in order, after which they will make another attempt to turn off the old DNS servers. We don't expect any downtimes on, but if you should experience problems during the following time periods, no action is needed:

  • Tuesday, Dec 12th 2023 between 08:00 and 10:30 UTC
  • Wednesday, Dec 13th 2023 between 08:30-10:30 UTC

In addition they are also changing some network components which are likely to cause some short disruptions in our services. We had about 3 mins downtime on Tuesday (Dec 5th) around 09:30 UTC, although it is difficult to see if it affected the whole API or just our monitoring systems. More maintenance was planned for today, but postponed due to critical weather conditions. The current plan is to upgrade the remaining components on Monday (11th) at 09:00 UTC, when there might be some short interruptions of service. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but hopefully things will be stable during the xmas period.

As for the rest of the API, there have only been a few minor changes the last six months:

  • A new product IsobaricGRIB is in beta, delivering gridded aviation weather data for parts of Norway (with more to follow)
  • We're also working on Subseasonal, a new product currently very much in beta delivering 21-day forecasts for the Nordic region
  • Maritime Gribfiles have been updated with a new model, where wave directions have been swapped so that map plotters should show them correctly
  • The weather icons have been moved to GitHub, and the WeatherIcon API service has been terminated

Plans for next year include migrating to new servers during February, hopefully with better performance. We are also busy implementing the OGC API EDR standard, which is likely to be the predominant search interface for all MET services in the future and something you might like to read up on.

2023-12-07, Geir Aalberg