Subseasonal: Version 1.0, 2024-01-30

Product officially released

Aviationforecast: IGA forecast continued, 2024-01-15

Due to popular demand, the IGA forecasts will not be terminated after all until further notice.

IsobaricGRIB: Version 1.0: : 2023-11-28

First version in beta

Gribfiles: Update of 1.1 2023-10-10

mywavewam4 model replaced by wavewatch_4km, as announced on the mailing list on 1 June 2023. The new model follows the meteorological convention of the values indicating where the waves are coming from. instead of going to as in the old model.

Production of current data for n-northsea (norkyst4km) stopped in 2022, and has been removed from the API.

Soundprofile: Version 1.0: : 2023-10-04

/locations format changed to GeoJSON FeatureCollection instead of simple non-standard structure

WeatherAPI: Weathericon product end of life, 2023-09-01

The Weathericon product has been deprecated, and will be terminated on 2023-09-01. You can now find the icons on GitHub instead.

Subseasonal: Version 1.0 beta, 2023-08-08

New product. Initial version for testing

Sunrise: Version 3.0 in production: 2023-06-15

Version 2.x have been deprecated, and will be terminated on 2023-09-01

Offshoremaps: Version 1.0 in production, 2023-06-08

Moved to production

Turbulence: Version 2.0 now operational, 2023-06-08
  • No changes to the layout and number of airports
  • Forecasts update every 3 hours (earlier every 12 hours)
  • Forecast length is 18 hours (previously 12 hours)
  • No major difference in forecast quality
Turbulence: New version 2.0 beta, 2023-03-09

Mostly interface but charts generated by different backend (view has been renamed type to conform to rest of API)

Offshoremaps: Version 1.0 beta, 2023-02-24

Initial beta version

Routeforecast: Horizontal maps moved to separate product, 2023-02-24

Due to increased demand, the horizontal maps have been expanded with more areas and are now available via the Offshoremaps product.

Sunrise: New version 3.0 beta: 2023-01-03
  • Total rewrite now using GeoJSON format instead of XML
  • Sun and moon events are now separate requests, instead of in the same document
  • Date is now calculated as the local mean solar day, instead of calendar date as before. This ensures sunrise always comes before sunset
  • The offset parameter is now optional, with timestamps defaulting to UTC
  • The days parameter has been removed, output is now only 1 day to better optimize caching and response times
  • The height parameter has been removed, as sunrise times don't really change with altitude given flat terrain
Tidalwater: New harbour Sandnes, 2022-10-06

Data for Sandnes added to harbour list

FMIroutes: version 0.1: 2022-09-28

New beta test product for vertical cross sections in Finland

Routeforecast: New version 2.0 with vcross only, 2022-06-30

Due to lack of use and demand, production of the horizontal maps will end in September. Only the vertical cross sections will continue to be available in the new version 2.0.

Version 1.0 is now deprecated, and along with all horizontal products will be removed on 2022-09-01.

Sigcharts: Version 1.0 EOL extended: 2022-06-01

The old version 1.0 has been extended to Sep 1st, 2022

Sigcharts: Version 2.0 in production: 2022-01-04

The old version 1.0 is now deprecated, and will be terminated on June 1st, 2022

Routeforecast: Several IGA routes added: 2021-11-23

In addition to the 12 offshore routes in vcross, we have now added 27 new routes over land. These are prefixed with "iga-".

Aviationforecast: IGA forecast deprecated, 2021-11-16

The IGA text forecasts will terminate on 2022-03-01, to be replaced with graphical forecasts in the Routeforecast product (route=iga-XXXX-YYYY).

Tafmetar: Extended format, 2021-11-04

The tafmetar API now provides additional information about the TAF/METARs type ahead of the message when using the extended parameter:



WeatherAPI: Upperwindweather product end of life, 2021-08-23

The Upperwindweather product has been deprecated, and will be terminated on 2021-09-01.

Sigcharts: Version 2.0 beta: 2021-07-13

Added Nordic area, params made consistent with rest of API

WeatherAPI: Forestfireindex product end of life, 2021-06-01

The Forestfireindex product has been deprecated and will be terminated on 2021-07-01.

Locationforecast: Probabilities added: 2021-05-10

As a replacement for the deprecated Probabilityforecast product (to be removed on 2021-07-01), we have added some new variables to the complete.json forecast:


Oceanforecast: Version 2.0 in production, 2021-05-10

Added coverage, improved error handling. Version 0.9 will expire on 2021-07-01.

WeatherAPI: Probabilityforecast product end of life, 2021-05-10

The Probabilityforecast product has been deprecated and will be terminated on 2021-07-01.

Locationforecast: Version 0.9 EOL: 2021-03-01

After having been deprecated for 9 months, version 0.9 will finally be removed on March 1st, 2021.

Oceanforecast: Version 2.0 in beta, 2021-02-19

New, totally rewritten version using standard JSON format. Older MOX XML is no longer supported. Now snaps automatically to nearest coastal point for coordinates on land.

Geosatellite: Added video files for Europe, 2021-02-18

Europe area animations in MP4 and WebM formats have been added. URL format has been made more flexible, using area and format as endpoint.

MetAlerts: 2021-02-10

Added lightning event type.

MetAlerts: 2021-02-10

Experimental alert archive implemented. Use the period parameter to enable. The RSS feed link has been removed from available, now only lists CAP files.

WeatherAPI: ExtremesWWC product end of life, 2021-02-05

The ExtremesWWC product has been deprecated since 2019 and will be terminated on 2021-02-06.

Locationforecast: XML updated with new symbol codes: 2020-12-14

Since Weathericon/1.1 is deprecated, we have added an attribute code to the symbol element, corresponding to the filename in Weathericon/2.0.

Nowcast: version 2.0 launched, 2020-12-13

2.0 out of beta, added classic.xml output. Version 0.9 will be removed 1 March 2021

Turbulence: Minor update, 2020-12-07
  • Vigra added. Fagernes, Narvik and Gimsøya removed
  • Now possible to search using ICAO code. In the future this parameter will be default, and location removed from the available string
Sigcharts: Version 1.0: 2020-11-30

Optional parameter validdate added

Nowcast: Changes to current version 0.9, 2020-11-09

We have replaced the old production backend for version 0.9 with the new one as used by beta version 2.0. This will incur some trivial changes, but is not expected to cause any compatibility problems for well-behaved clients:

  • The @xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation and Model@name attributes will be updated to reflect the new production
  • An @altitude attribute will be added to the location element (same as for Locationforecast)
  • The number of decimals in latitude/longitude is no longer fixed
Geosatellite: Usage restrictions lifted, 2020-10-01
  • After several revisions of the data policies we have finally confirmed that the satellite images can be freely distributed and available to all API users under the normal CC-BY 4.0 conditions.
Nowcast: version 2.0 beta, 2020-09-11

New version using JSON and FORTI in development.

Locationforecast: Version 2.0 out of beta: 2020-06-17
  • Version 1.9 will probably be available until 1 Dec 2020. Please follow our mailing list for more details.
WeatherAPI: LocationforecastLTS product end of life, 2020-06-12

The LocationforecastLTS product has been deprecated and will terminate on 2020-09-01.

Locationforecast: Version 2.0 : 2020-06-10
  • Removed "/" endpoint, must now use complete/compact/classic
Radar: Deprecation of 1.5, 2020-05-06

Termination of version 1.5 has been postponed to 2020-06-01.

Sigmets: Deprecation of 1.0, 2020-05-06

Termination of version 1.0 has been postponed to 2020-06-01.

VerticalProfile: airquality profile removed, 2020-04-20
  • Airquality model files have not been produced since November 2019, so should have been removed from verticalprofile long time ago.
WeatherAPI: UVforecast product end of life, 2020-04-20

The UVforecast product has been deprecated as UV data is now included in Locationforecast 2.0 JSON. It will be terminated on 2020-06-17.

Locationforecast: Version 2.0 : 2020-04-02
  • Beta period nearing completion.
  • XML is now split into different "classic" method.
  • Stricter controls on User-Agent header to avoid throttling.
Tidalwater: Documentation errata, 2020-03-30

Corrected to say that levels are in meters (not centimeters as previously stated) and times in UTC, as well as explanations of the percentile columns.

Metgc: 2020-02-25 Tarva removed, more areas

Added new versions of ostland and setermoen, these are called ostland2 and setermoen2. Both will be produced concurrently.

Metgm: 2020-02-25 Tarva removed, more areas

Added new versions of ostland and setermoen, these are called ostland2 and setermoen2. Both will be produced concurrently.

Oslofjord: Version 1.0: 2020-02-25

New product in beta

Radar: 2020-02-25 Version 2.0 operational

Version 1.5 is now deprecated and will be removed on May 15th.

Sigmets: New version 2.0, 2020-02-05

Re-implementation without the irritating bug where the same sigmets occur twice.

This has a somewhat different format than version 1.0 (e.g. no NNNN between sigmets).

Tidalwater: New harbour Mausund, 2020-02-05

Data for Mausund added to harbour list

Locationforecast: Version 2.0 : 2020-01-17
  • Beta version of new locationforecast based on FORTI instead of WDB
Metgc: 2020-01-08 New area Tarva

New area tarva. Metgm and Metgc now using same product handler.

Metgm: 2020-01-08 New area Tarva

New area tarva. Metgm and Metgc now using same product handler.

Sunrise: Version 2.0 height parameter fixed: 2020-01-03

Due to an error the height parameter was accidentally called alt in the interface (but not in the documentation). This has now been fixed.

WeatherAPI: Lightning product end of life, 2019-12-20

The Lightning product has been deprecated and will terminate on 2020-02-03.

Radar: 2019-12-18 New version 2.0 beta

Lots of changes from the previous versions. Types, sizes, projection and color palette has changed, and the "size" and "radarsite" parameters are no longer used or has been renamed. All usage restrictions have been lifted.

Subjectiveforecast: v1.0, 2019-12-17

Rewrite, now defaults to latest for both products

Sigcharts: Version 1.0: : 2019-11-20

Prototype version

Textforecast: New marine forecast sea_*, 2019-11-20

We have a new, auto-generated marine text forecast called sea, which replaces the manually written seabank and seahigh forecasts. The old forecasts will continue to be produced until 1st Feb 2020; until then all requests will return a 203 status code to indicate deprecation.

Soundprofile: Version 1.0: : 2019-11-18

Initial version

MetAlerts: 2019-11-01

The eventCode drivingConditions has now been replaced by the eventCodes ice and blowingSnow to better reflect actual causes instead of consequences

Textforecast: Version 1.6 deprecated, 2019-09-02

As mentioned on the mailing list, the aviation forecasts (aw_* and iga_*) have been moved to a separate product aviationforecast. Since the other forecasts (land and sea) have been reeimplemented in textforecast/2.0, version 1.6 will shortly be discontinued (planned date 2019-10-01).

Tafmetar: Better date handling features: 2019-08-13

Since the previous version could only deliver data for UTC calender dates, we have added an offset parameter to enable you to get data for midnight to midnight local time. E.g. date=2019-08-13&offset=+02:00 will new get you data from 2019-08-12T22:00:00 to 2019-08-13T22:00:00 UTC.

Also, you can now drop the date parameter completely, in which case you will get data for the last 24 hours (which is usually exactly what you want).

Radar: 2019-07-01: New radar Hafjell, hack for missing animations
    Old name                    New name
    -------------------------   ---------------
    rainrate_with_phase_tma     fir_preciptype
    reflectivity_tma            (discontinued)
    reflectivity                5level_reflectivity
    reflectivity_hires          reflectivity
    rainrate_with_phase         preciptype
    lightning                   lx_reflectivity

Hafjell has been added for types lightning, reflectivity_hires and rainrate_with_phase.

Unfortunately, due to increased server load and shorter production cycles we have not been able to re-enable production of the animations for reflectivity_hires, rainrate_with_phase and most lightning radars. As a workaround, we will be substituting reflectivity_hires and rainrate_with_phase animations with the closest matching reflectivity animation. Similarly, all lightning radarsites will now return the "norway" animation. None of these will appear in the available lists, and are used solely to avoid breaking existing code.

Static images will be delivered as normal, which will not match the animation in content and dimensions. This means you should not use the "small" images as thumbnails for the animations until further notice.

We are working on replacements for the missing lightning animations, as well as a new, improved Radar product version which should be more user-friendly.

Routeforecast: New vcross route: 2019-06-28

ENJS-ENZV has been added

Radar: 2019-06-19: update of v1.5

Radars now produce images every 5 minutes (instead of every 7.5).

Animations are currently only available for reflectivity, xband and lightning (as per the documentation). The undocumented reflectivity_hires animation is now discontinued.

The little-used sizes "large" and "medium" have been discontinued, any requests for these will return "normal" instead. Also, animations are now only available in "normal", use a static image for thumbnails instead of "small".

For a list of allowed options, see /radaroptions (experimental).

Routeforecast: New vcross route: 2019-05-14

The route Korpfjell-ENKR has been added to the vertical cross section products. (No ICAO code has yet to be assignated to Korpfjell, hence the non-standard route name).

Routeforecast: 1.0 out of beta: 2019-05-14

No further changes planned, product considered stable and can be used in production.

Aviationforecast: aviation text forecasts moved to separate product, 2019-04-24

Since textforecast version 1.6 is deprecated and will be removed soon, we have moved the aerodrome and IGA forecasts to a separate product. This will enable them to keep stable while the other text forecasts are in the process of being updated to 2.0 standard.

Routeforecast: New products, back to beta: 2019-04-04

Type Wave has been replaced with a similar but more precise product helicoptersignificantwaveheight (existing requests will be redirected). In addition two other new products have been added, helicopterlightningobservations and helicoptertriggeredlightningindex.

Due to constantly changing requirements we have added back the beta status for routeforecasts. Further changes may be expected, we do not recommend using this service in production environments unless in cooperation with MET Norway. We suggest subscribing to the Changelog RSS feed to be informed about further developments.

Volcanicashforecast: Version 0.1: 2019-03-27

First prototype

Sunrise: More data for version 2.0: 2019-03-14

moonposition is now repeated for every day in the interval, not just the first day. We have also added a phase attribute to moonposition to show the moon phase for each day, not just the first. Max days is now set to 15.

Since there are only additions to the existing format we assume keeping the existing version is more convenient than bumping so that everyone will have to modify their existing clients.

Routeforecast: Version 1.0: 2019-03-01

New version released, with new products seasurfacetemperature and temperature2m. No longer in beta status.

Textforecast: New version 2.0, 2019-03-01

We are in the process of revamping all textforecast products, with a cleaner XML format which can be validated and clearly defined areas. New products will be launched on the 2.0 version after they have been migrated, while the old products will be available for some time on 1.6.

So far the ocean, seabank and seahigh products have been upgraded to 2.0. We have also launched a new landoverview product which will replace the land and landmerge products, as well as the textlocation service.

We expect to discontinue 1.6 late 2019, while removing disused products (mainly aviation forecasts) continously in collaboration with existing users.

Textforecast: land and seaoslofjord forecasts removed, 2019-03-01

Production of the "land" forecast will stop on March 1st, 2019, and will be removed as a valid parameter value.

The product "seaoslofjord" containing forecasts for Skagerrak and for the Norwegian coast from the Swedish border to Hordaland will be discontinued from our Textforecast service from March 1st. Forecasts for Skagerrak can be found in the "seabank" products, while forecasts for the complete Norwegian coastline can be found in the "coast" products.

Aviationforecast: aw_enry replaced by aw_ento, 2019-02-01

Rygge airport is currently closed, so no ENRY forecasts have been issued this year. Instead we are now producing aerodrome forecasts for Torp (ENTO). iga_fbno43 has also not been in production for a long time and has been removed.

Aviationforecast: several forecast types removed, 2019-02-01

On February 1st, 2019 we will remove the route_fbno* products. These will be replaced with the new routeforecast service for automatically generated graphical forecast. The old route_fbno forecasts will be available on NAIS for some time.

Textforecast: aw_enry replaced by aw_ento, 2019-02-01

Rygge airport is currently closed, so no ENRY forecasts have been issued this year. Instead we are now producing aerodrome forecasts for Torp (ENTO). iga_fbno43 has also not been in production for a long time and has been removed.

Textforecast: several forecast types removed, 2019-02-01

On February 1st we will remove the following products:

  • route_fbno*
  • These will be replaced with the new routeforecast service for automatically generated graphical forecast. The old route_fbno forecasts will be available on NAIS for some time.
  • landday0-2, landlong, seabankday1 and metkyst0-1
  • These are temporary files included in the more comprehensive forecasts
  • easter, miskred_north, miskred_south, iga_fbno43
  • These have not been produced for several years
Routeforecast: Version 0.1: 2019-01-28

Initial prototype for testing. We will bump the version number to 1.0 when officially launched.

WeatherAPI: Textlocation and Errornotifications products end of life, 2018-12-21

The Textlocation and Errornotifications products have been deprecated and will be terminated on 2019-03-15.

Airqualityforecast: Version 0.1: 2018-12-17

Added show=metadata parameter

Sunrise: Version 2.0 released: 2018-11-19

New v.2 XML format is finally ready for production (no changes from beta). Note that offset parameter now is of type +/-HH:MM to conform to ISO and XSD standards. Maximum days now set to 10.

Version 1.1 will expire 2019-02-15

Airqualityforecast: Version 0.1: 2018-10-02

New product available for air quality forecasts (beta version)

Tidalwater: 1.1 2018-07-04

Available implemented, only harbor is now a mandatory parameter

Geosatellite: Satellite images no longer avaiable to public, 2018-06-29
  • Due to licensing issues and problems with authentication, dellivery of all non-restricted products is temporarily suspended.
  • Please follow our mailing list for further announcements.
MetAlerts: 2018-06-19

Support for filter on incidentName

Textforecast: gale and obs removed, 2018-06-07

gale* and obs* are no longer permitted values in the forecast parameter

Spotwind: 1.1, 2018-06-05

New version with 24 hour forecast instead of 6 hours. Version 1.0 will expire on 2019-09-02.

Sunrise: Version 2.0 beta: 2018-04-25

XML format trimmed, toned and beefed up, date and offset params are now mandatory. Expected to go into production in beginning of May.

Sunrise: Version 2.0 beta: 2018-03-09

Rewrite using new backend; only simple request supported, with different interface and XML format

MetAlerts: 2018-03-08

Support for search by county number (for warnings issued after 2018-03-15)

Sigmets: Bugfix, 2018-02-22

No longer generates error when no SIGMETS have been issued

NLAroutes: version 1.0 : 2017-12-17

Due to a change in backend we now no longer supports the "name" filter in available, use "route" or "location" instead.

Textforecast: gale and obs soon to be discontinued, 2017-12-13

The gale and obs warnings are now available in CAP format from the metalerts section of the API, and will shortly be discontinued in textforecast. The following values will then no longer be allowed in the forecast parameter and will result in a 400 Bad Request:

  • gale
  • gale_id
  • obs
  • obs_va
  • obs_vn
  • obs_vv
WeatherAPI: WeatherAPI version 3.0 launched, 2017-12-12

As previously mentioned on the mailing list, we will shortly be migrating the domain to version 3. This has already been done for some users and should be relatively painless, provided you follow the documentation and terms of use. In particular we ask you to notice the following:

  • Use HTTPS only! Unencrypted requests are no longer supported
  • Honor redirects (301 and 303), which is used e.g. from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Semicolon as parameter separator is now deprecated, use ampersand instead
  • Make sure you have a unique, identifiable User-Agent string

Otherwise the main difference is a lot of new features and bugs that have been fixed. For more information on the changes to the interface, please see the release notes for version 3.

The migration is scheduled to take place some time during the first half of January 2018.

Nowcast: 2017-09-11

Added coverage method

Sigmets: Parameter changes, 2017-08-03

Unnecessary parameters made optional, added option to show all warnings

MetAlerts: 2017-07-22

Experimental support for search by coordinates

Nowcast: 2017-06-21

New schema, now returns empty XML when no radar data available

MetAlerts: 1.1, 2017-05-20

New version of CAP format (1.0). MetAlerts 1.0 will expire 2017-12-01

Radar: 2017-01-25: update of v1.5

New xband radar "mobileradar"

Gribfiles: Update of 1.1 2016-12-15

added areas nordland and troms-finnmark

VerticalProfile: updated version 1.1: 2016-12-07
  • New profile "airquality" (no longer restricted)
Gribfiles: Update of 1.1 2016-12-05

added area n-northsea

WeatherAPI: XML Schema for Available lists upgraded to version 0.3, 2016-12-05

noNamespaceSchemaLocation is now /weatherapi-files/schemas/list-0.3.xsd

Oceanforecast: Update of 0.9, 2016-11-21

After upgrading model in backend, Oceanforecast will no longer return any data for locations on land

NLAroutes: version 1.0 : 2016-10-31

New product for vertical cross section for routes

Radar: 2016-10-31: update of v1.5

New composite east_norway available (including images from new radar hafjell)

WeatherAPI: Seaapproachforecast product end of life, 2016-10-07

This product expired on 2016-10-07 as data no longer available

Radar: 2016-10-03: update of v1.5

Radar helsfyr/x-band is not available any more

Gribfiles: 1.1 2016-09-01

Version 1.0 will be end of lifed at 2016-11-15.

Due to changes in which models are available, all files are changed. Please refer to the documentation for details of available data.

We do not longer support bzip2 as compression. All files is less than 5MB.

MetAlerts: 1.0, 2016-09-01

More search parameters, improved stability. The cap parameter now requires an ID, not a date.

WeatherAPI: Seasonforecast product end of life, 2016-06-14

This product expired on 2016-06-14

Geosatellite: Extend lifetime of version 1.3, 2016-06-01
  • Lifetime of version 1.3 of geosatellite will be extended to 2016-08-23.
Nowcast: version 0.9, 2016-05-01

Initial version

WeatherAPI: Trondheimsleia product end of life, 2016-04-23

This product expired on 2016-04-23

MetAlerts: 0.2, 2016-04-20

Format officially changed to RSS 2.0

RSS now validates, using RFC-822 date format and no duplicate items

MetAlerts: 0.1, 2016-03-02

Renamed to MetAlerts. Format claimed to be Atom, but is in fact RSS 2.0 (invalid)

Geosatellite: Version 1.4, 2016-02-02
  • New version, width and height are removed, replaced with size
  • areas america, gulf_of_mexico, spain and east_mediterranean are removed
  • Version 1.3 is available until 2016-06-06
MetAlerts: 0.1, 2016-01-19

New product for testing

Spotwind: 1.0, 2015-12-16

New product for testing

VerticalProfile: version 1.1: 2015-11-23
  • version 1.0 expires 2016-01-04
  • New profile "temp"
  • Use only ASCII characters and lower case in URL parameters.
Polarsatellite: version 1.1, 2015-11-02
  • Adding parameters area, size and channel
Sunrise: Version 1.1: 2015-11-01

Bugfix: publish 0, 1, or 2 moon rise / moon sets per date. Version 1.0 expires 2016-06-06

Radar: 2015-10-28: new version 1.5

New size medium which are fixed to 460px. For types lightning and reflectivity the images that were delivered as size normal are moved to size medium and new images are available as size normal (unscaled).

Version 1.4 will expire on 2016-02-15

Radar: 2015-09-09: update of v1.4

New radar type lightning available for norway, new site helsfyr available for type xband.

Polarsatellite: version 1.1, 2015-08-20
  • Removing qscat since it went out of production in 2009
Radar: 2015-03-17: update of v1.4

New radar sites 'nordland' and 'trlagnordland' added (radar location: Somna).

Locationforecast: Version 1.9 : 2014-05-20
  • New version 1.9. Old version, 1.8, will expire on 2014-09-09
  • new weather symbols are added for finer scale representation of the weather situation, see [% webroot %]/weathericon/1.1/documentation .
  • weather symbol ids changed to CamelCase
  • "celcius" unit name corrected to "celsius"
Sunrise: Version 1.0: 2014-04-01

Added direct request to astronomical event library.

Uses JPL ephemerides DE405.

Output now agrees well with "Almanakk for Norge".

Radar: 2013-11-12: new version 1.4

Parameter width has been replaced with size. Width and size of an image or animation may vary in width and height, even within the same size value.

Several new radar types. See documentation above.

Version 1.3 expires at 2014-03-25.

Turbulence: version 1.1, 2013-10-09
  • Include forecats from the near past in the result from the 'available' action.
  • Added the 'view' parameter to the 'available' action.
  • Version 1.0 will be available until 2014-07-01.
Turbulence: version 1.0, 2013-09-19

Initial version.

Metgc: Version 1.0, 2013-06-25

New product

Metgm: Version 1.0, 2013-06-25

New product

Sigmets: Version 1.0, 2013-05-21

New product available!

Tafmetar: New version 1.1: 2013-02-16

New product available, delivering Taf and metar

Tidalwater: 1.1 2013-01-28
  • - weather correction data is changed
  • - old product like tidal is removed
Textforecast: version 1.6, 2012-05-10

New version 1.6 available:

Use of latitude and longitude is removed, use Textlocation instead for this functionality. extreme forecasts are moved to their own product

Version 1.5 available until 2012-09-04

Radar: 2012-03-26: new version 1.3

Parameter type has been changed. It will now signify type of radar information. Parameter content now has same function as parameter type in version 1.2.

Version 1.2: expires at 2012-05-15.

Sunrise: Version 1.0: 2012-01-11

Maximum 30 days are accepted in from-to search

Gribfiles: 1.0 2011-12-08

oslofjorden is discontinued due to changes in available model data.

skagerrak will only have current data available.

Locationforecast: Phase out version 1.5 : 2011-08-16
  • version 1.5 of locationforecast will expire at 2011-10-01. Note that log entry below stating that version 1.5 will be available until version 1.9 is released is no longer correct.
Radar: 2010-08-31: new composite image of norway.

New parameter to radarsite: norway.

Locationforecast: Version 1.8 : 2010-06-10
  • New attributes for the precipitation element: minvalue, maxvalue and probability. Note that these attributes will only be available for locations in a limited area in Europe.
  • 1.8 is meant as a transitional version, you may use 1.5 until we release version 1.9.
  • Version 1.7 will be available until 2010-10-01.
Locationforecast: Version 1.7 : 2010-03-03
  • Precipitation and symbol values for the first time intervals have been missing in all earlier versions. This has now been corrected.
  • 1.7 is meant as a transitional version, you may use 1.5 until we release version 1.8.
  • Version 1.6 will be available until 2010-09-01.
Polarsatellite: version 1.1, 2010-01-19
  • New version, 1.1, available
  • New width and height for noaa pictures
Radar: 2009-10-27: version 1.2

New parameteres to radarsite: central_norway and western_norway. Rissa is no longer a valid radarsite.

Version 1.1 is available until 2010-02-16

Sunrise: Version 1.0: 2009-06-02
  • Better use of algorithm, should give more accurate data
  • New parameters from and to, returning all events in the range
  • Either date or from and to is now compulsory
  • Version 0.9 will expire 2009-06-24
Textforecast: version 1.5, 2009-03-11

New version 1.5 available:

New parameters latitude and longitude available

Version 1.4 is available until 2009-04-25

Oceanforecast: 0.9, 2009-02-24

Initial version

Locationforecast: Version 1.6 : 2009-01-15
  • 1.6 is meant as a transitional version, meaning that you may use 1.5 until we release version 1.8.
  • probability elements added.
  • fewer elements available for EC-data.
Textforecast: version 1.4, 2008-11-26

New version 1.4 available:

The format for Obsvarsel is reversed to be like 1.2. The format from 1.3 is available as forecast=obs_merge.

Version 1.3 is available until 2009-02-18

Textforecast: version 1.3, 2008-11-04

New version 1.3 available:

  • New tag in merged forecasts, origin_forecast which contains the name of the forecast this part is coming from.
  • obs forecast is changed to be a merged forecast. The XML-format is slightly changed, and might contain more than one time period.
  • extreme forecast might contain more than one situation at the time, following the merged syntax.
  • Phase D forecasts will only be shown in six hours instead of 12 hours.

Version 1.2 is available until 2009-02-18

Radar: 2008-09-23: version 1.1

New radarsite: troms_finnmark.

Sunrise: Version 0.9: 2008-09-10

Algorithm for the computation is updated. Should be more accurate. Version 0.8 will expire 2008-10-01

Sunrise: Version 0.8: 2008-06-24

New product, not in accordance with the Norwegian almanac.

Locationforecast: Version 1.5 : 2008-05-30
  • new element, humidity, added to location.
  • version 1.4 will expire 2008-11-01.
Geosatellite: Version 1.3, 2008-05-28
  • height and width as required parameters.
  • parameter size has been removed.
  • Version 1.2 will expire 2008-07-10.
Subjectiveforecast: v1.0 available, 2008-05-20

Initial version

Geosatellite: Version 1.2, 2008-04-22
  • New version, 1.2, available
  • New geosatellite images.
  • Remove parameter satellite.
  • Added parameter area.
  • Version 1.1 will be available up to and including 2008-06-30.
Textforecast: version 1.2, 2008-03-05

New version 1.2 available:

landday1 has changed XML. IDs are now consistent and counties are thin area-elements. land is also affected by this change.

Version 1.1 is available until 2008-06-01

Tidalwater: 1.1 2008-02-25
  • New version 1.1 available
  • Changed name of parameter: type => datatype.
  • Parameter datatype is now mandatory.
  • Access to tidal data has been restricted.
  • Old version, 1.0, expires 1.april 2008.
Gribfiles: 1.0 2008-01-04

First version

Locationforecast: Version 1.4 : 2007-12-03
  • changes in <model> element: Added attribute termin, replaced attribute timespan with the attributes from and to.
  • version 1.3 will be available up to and including 2008-03-01.
Locationforecast: Version 1.3 : 2007-09-12
  • New version, 1.3, available.
  • v1.3 includes element <meta>, with info about the forecast models.
  • v1.2 will be available up to and including 2007-11-15.
Radar: version 1.1 : 2007-09-06

Røst is no longer valid as radarsite. New radarsite is nordland_troms

Locationforecast: Version 1.2 : 2007-06-15
  • New version, 1.2, available.
  • Version 1.1 will be available up to and including 2007-10-02.
  • Added xml-elements: fog and low/middle/high - clouds.
  • Value of xml-element 'temperature' now originates from a different model-parameter.
Textforecast: version 1.1 : 2007-06-13

New version 1.1 available:

  • Landshort has changed name to landday1.
  • landday1, landday2 and landlong has a new element in their XML called area. This element is used to group the counties.
  • Two new merged forecasts, land and seabank.
  • Two new forecasts available, gale and extreme.

Version 1.0 is available until 2007-08-15

Locationforecast: Version 1.0 : 2007-05-15
  • Initial release version
VerticalProfile: 1.0 : 2007-05-15
  • Initial release version
Locationforecast: Version 1.1 : 2007-04-25
  • Locationforecast has now limited access
  • Locationforecast is might return the XML as plain xml or zipped.