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Welcome to the MET Norway Weather API v.3

Norsk versjon. is an interface to a selection of data produced by MET Norway. The data are available for use under a Creative Commons license. See also separate conditions for use of the service. Several people have developed third-party client libraries for various programming languages.

All regular users of the API are strongly recommended to subscribe to our API-users mailing list as this is the only channel on which we will communicate planned changes outside the API itself (see the archives for past notifications).

For operational status and maintenance notifications, see (please bookmark in case there is a problem with the site).

For information on available data and how to access them, please refer to the weatherapi documentation. For a list of changes since version 2, see the Release Notes for v.3.

Data owned by other institutions than MET Norway is not available for unrestricted public use. This is specified in the documentation of each product. Examples of such products are the Nordic radar images and some satellite images. Refer to the documentation of each product.

Available products:


Airqualityforecast 0.1
Forecast of air-quality for locations in Norway
MetAlerts 1.1
Weather alerts from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Astronomy 🌣

Sunrise 2.0
Calculate sun/moon rise/set for a given place


Aviationforecast 1.6
Textual aviation weather forecasts
NLAroutes 1.0
Vertical cross sections for air ambulance flight routes
Routeforecast 2.0
Vertical cross sections for flight routes offshore and over land
Sigcharts 2.0
Significant Weather Charts for aviation
Sigmets 2.0
Get sigmets and airmets for Norway
Spotwind 1.1
Spotwind forecasts for airport landing systems
Tafmetar 1.0
Receive Taf/Metar from airports
Turbulence 1.1
Turbulence prognosis
VerticalProfile 1.1
Vertical weather profiles for aviation
Volcanicashforecast 0.1
Norwegian national volcanic ash products including forecast


Frost 0.9
REST API for meteorogical observation data
Radar 2.0
Radar images from various locations
Dataset archive including model runs and observation timeseries


Gribfiles 1.1
Serve grib files on the coast from Oslo and Western Norway
Icemap 1.0
Maps as images showing current ice conditions in the arctic regions.
Oceanforecast 2.0
Ocean forecasts for points at sea in Northwestern Europe
Oslofjord 0.1
Current maps for Oslofjorden and Drammensfjorden
Soundprofile 1.0
Vertical profiles in the ocean off the Norwegian coast
Dataset archive including model runs and observation timeseries
Textforecast 2.0
Textual weather forecast for Norwegian land and sea areas
Tidalwater 1.1
Tidal water information


Metgc 1.0
Deliver meteorological forecast data in METGM/C format for defined areas
Metgm 1.0
Deliver meteorological forecast data in METGM/C format for defined areas

Observations 🌡

Frost 0.9
REST API for meteorogical observation data
Dataset archive including model runs and observation timeseries


Weathericon 2.0
collection of weather icons.

Satellite 🛰

Geosatellite 1.4
Images from geostationary satellites
Polarsatellite 1.1
Images from satellites in polar orbit
Dataset archive including model runs and observation timeseries


Frost 0.9
REST API for meteorogical observation data
Locationforecast 2.0
Weather forecast for a specified place
Nowcast 2.0
Immediate weather forecast for specified locations in the Nordic area
Oceanforecast 2.0
Ocean forecasts for points at sea in Northwestern Europe
Radar 2.0
Radar images from various locations
Subjectiveforecast 1.0
Forecasts and analyses charts from the meteorologist
Dataset archive including model runs and observation timeseries
Textforecast 2.0
Textual weather forecast for Norwegian land and sea areas


Server park upgrade, changes to aviation products and more 2021-11-08

New API servers

On Wednesday 10 Nov we will start moving the API traffic to a new server cluster which promises much better performance, due to faster processors and extensive use of SSD disks. Hopefully this will result in shorter response times and a higher turnaround. We'll start propagating the changes via DNS around 10:00 CET. We have done extensive testing of the new servers, but since the file distribution chain is a separate system it could possibly happen that some data have been forgotten by the backend producers. If there are something you feel is missing, please let us know ASAP at

The change will at first only affect traffic going to Those with special arrangements (other domains) will be notified later when it's time to move their traffic.

Aviation product changes

We will shortly be adding 22 new routes (vertical cross sections) to Routeforecast. At the same time we will be reducing the number of time steps from the current 84 to 22 (as stated in the documentation). This should result in better performance in generating the available lists.

There will also soon be a similar increase in the number of routes for NLAroutes, as well as a similar reduction in time steps.

The new sigcharts version 2.0 with Nordic maps is expected to go out of beta on 1 December, at which time we will deprecate the current version (don't worry, you will have time to migrate after the New Year).

We will also soon be launching a new option in Tafmetar, giving additional information such as AMD and COR (for TAFs), as well as COR, SPECI and AUTO (for METARs). These will prefix the existing messages, and can be enabled by using the parameter extended=true. More information on this later.

Finally, the IGA warnings will be removed from Aviationforecast in December.

EOL for the old Yr API

As previously mentioned, the "free weather data" API on is going away, and will be turned off completely on 1 February 2022. This will affect both the XML data (varsel.xml and forecast.xml) and the HTML widgets currently used on many websites. Until then the services will suffer planned outages of increasing length, informing developers of the need to change to newer services.

For more information, see the Yr Developer docs or contact NRK at

New version of available?

Finally, we are planning to replace our existing, home-grown "available" method with something a bit more effective, preferably using existing standards. It has been more or less unchanged since the launch of the API in 2007, and since then the amount of available files has grown enormously (we currently deliver over 5000 files for some products). This means the complete list can take several seconds to generate, which is a problem for the total API performance.

We are looking at some of the new OGC standards, which fully support OpenAPI and should in time hopefully be supported by standard libraries for the most used programming languages. If you are interested you can find some documentation here:

If you have some specific requests for new features in the "available2" functionality we would very much like to hear from you.

New beta version of sigcharts 2021-07-14

A short update, mainly of interest to Nordic users:

Sigcharts 2.0 beta

We have a new version of Sigcharts which, in addition to the previous Arctic/Norway also covers the Nordic/Baltic regian (minus Iceland). Also, the search interface has been made consistent with the rest of the API:

While currently in beta we suggest you start using this after the summer is over. We're not sure how long the current version 1.0 will live, this depends on how soon our regular users will take to implement the new version.

Forestfire index

As mentioned some weeks ago, the Forestfireindex product has been terminated and replaced with a new, map-based service:

For those wishing to download the raw data used for the maps, these can now be found on our THREDDS server:

TOS addition

With the ongoing migration of users from the Yr API to, we've had to update our Terms of Service with a notice on trademark restrictions:

You are not allowed to make services/sites that appear to be made by Yr, NRK or The Norwegian Meteorological Institute. In other words, you may not use the word "yr" as a part of your service name, or attach the yr logo to your service.

This was previously only stated on the conditions of use on, but as the old Yr site ( is closing down soon we've had to transfer the clause to the TOS (incredibly, some users are still referring to this as the "Yr API", even though they were two different APIs and Yr is a completely different site run by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).

News archive

Change log

Routeforecast: New version 2.0 with vcross only, 2022-06-30

Due to lack of use and demand, production of the horizontal maps will end in September. Only the vertical cross sections will continue to be available in the new version 2.0.

Version 1.0 is now deprecated, and along with all horizontal products will be removed on 2022-09-01.

Sigcharts: Version 1.0 EOL extended: 2022-06-01

The old version 1.0 has been extended to Sep 1st, 2022

Sigcharts: Version 2.0 in production: 2022-01-04

The old version 1.0 is now deprecated, and will be terminated on June 1st, 2022

Routeforecast: Several IGA routes added: 2021-11-23

In addition to the 12 offshore routes in vcross, we have now added 27 new routes over land. These are prefixed with "iga-".

Aviationforecast: IGA forecast deprecated, 2021-11-16

The IGA text forecasts will terminate on 2022-03-01, to be replaced with graphical forecasts in the Routeforecast product (route=iga-XXXX-YYYY).

Sigcharts: Version 2.0 beta: 2021-07-13

Added Nordic area, params made consistent with rest of API

Other data sources at MET Norway

See free meteorological data on for a complete list of data services.


For questions regarding rights to and use of data, see our Licensing and Data Policy. For handling of personal data, see MET Norway's Privacy Policy Statement. For technical questions, see our contact page.